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Save time and money using Xero with a professional bookkeeper

Posted by Edwina Fairley on Aug 3, 2017 6:47:56 AM
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brad-neathery-248309.jpgHere at Change, we can’t get enough of Xero. We’ve been astounded at how this one great kiwi product has completely disrupted and revolutionised the accounting and bookkeeping space. Seriously, we’d be singing show tunes right now if we had any singing talent whatsoever.

For small business owners and entrepreneurs, Xero is hands down the best solution out there. When you combine the power of Xero with the expertise of a professional bookkeeper, you can’t help but win. Here’s why:

Xero and a professional bookkeeper will save you time

It’s true that with Xero in hand, you can manage the books of a business by yourself. But is that the best use of your time?

As an entrepreneur, your strength lies in growing the business, in thinking up the big ideas, making the connections, and defining the strategy for your company. You’re probably also out there actively promoting your business, pitching for work, or wearing the hats of marketing manager, HR, customer service, and quality control. You barely have time to sleep and eat and watch The Block as it is – do you really need to add “bookkeeper” to the mix?

And when you’re short on time, you often tend to rush through the bookkeeping, and that’s when mistakes happen. Or, you simply don’t get to it at all, and the work piles up and you miss your IRD deadlines and before you know it, you’re in trouble.

Or, and here’s a bright idea, you could hire a bookkeeper, like the Change team. We’ll go into your Xero, take care of all your accounts, and send you reports to keep you informed of how the business is tracking. We’ll take one job off your plate, freeing up more time for working ON the business, or reality TV show reruns … it’s totally up to you.

Xero and a professional bookkeeper will save you money

One of the biggest factors influencing the decision to use a bookkeeper is the fact that it’s an additional cost. Many entrepreneurs using Xero love the program so much (and with good reason – Xero is awesome!) they reckon it will completely sort out all their accounting needs.

And this could well be true, but there’s a whole lot more to dealing with your accounts than just being a Xero whiz. It’s one of those cases where you don’t know what you don’t know. Even taking your bookkeeper’s fee into account, you could still save money by using a bookkeeper because we’ll help you:

  • Identify where you can make savings on your taxes through deductions that you aren’t currently take.
  • Stay on top of due dates so you don’t get slapped with a giant fine.
  • Meet all your compliance requirements to ensure you’re above-board.
  • Suggest additional products and apps that can be used to further save costs in the business.
  • Show you how your business is tracking so you can take note of trends and adjust pricing and strategy.

You have to stop looking at cloud software and bookkeepers as an “either or” situation, and start seeing how to two can work together to help you save time and money and grow your business.

At Change, our philosophy is “humans where you need them. Software for everything else.” We’ll give you a monthly update on the facts and show you want to do to improve your financial health. We give you step-by-step answers to your financial questions in plain English, and we give you that year-round visibility that’s so key to entrepreneurial success. Go on, come talk to the team at Change today.

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