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Help us reduce business stress with professional bookkeeping

Posted by Edwina Fairley on Sep 28, 2017 2:09:23 PM
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According to a 2012 report by the Bank of America, small business owners experience twice the level of stress from their business as they do from any other aspect of their lives. That includes working on their relationship, managing family drama, personal finances, or raising their kids!

That’s a hell of a lot of stress.

It’s no wonder – as the person in charge, you’re running around making sure everything gets done. Your family’s future rides on the success of your venture, and you’re often too busy firefighting and hand-holding to step back and get a real sense of how much you’ve achieved.

It’s important to minimise stress as much as possible. Too much stress can lead to depression, illness, irratability, feelings of hopelessness, headaches, inability to focus and make decisions, and a whole host of other issues. It also means your weekly chocolate allowance goes WAY UP (not that this is necessarily a bad thing).

Here are three ways you can eliminate stress in your business:

1. Automate processes with technology

Unless you’re in a tech industry, you may not be able to immediately grasp the benefits of automating certain processes. You soon will, trust us.

Do you schedule staff using spreadsheets or pen-and-paper methods? You can automate this process with great cloud tools. What about marketing tasks like setting up newsletters or sending out emails to answer sales enquiries? How about creating quotes and making up job-sheets? How long do these tasks take? What if cloud software could help you cut down that time by 80-90%?

Would that help you de-stress? I think so!

Many cloud applications will connect to your Xero account to push data through every stage of your workflow, completely eliminating double entry and giving you visibility across your entire business. Make an appointment to talk to us if you’re interested in cloud software that might benefit your company.

2. Balance work with healthy habits

You can’t do a good job in the business if you’re unwell. If your body is suffering, then it’s highly likely your business is suffering, as well.

Put procedures and limits in place to ensure you keep up healthy habits. It can help to get the whole team or family involved. Supply fruit for snacks in the office instead of candy, and go outside for walking meetings. Get your family involved in forcing you to switch off the phone and laptop after a certain time at night. Block out time in your calendar for exercise and breaks, and enforce a strict bedtime to ensure you get enough sleep.

3. Call in the professionals

Business owners tend to believe they can do everything, and that this is somehow the best method to move toward success.

Not true. By trying to do all the tasks involved with running your business, you end up neglecting the one task that only you can do – the task of growing the company into the vision you created.

Let a professional bookkeeping team like Change step up and take away some of the stress. Hire marketing experts, a sales star, a support crew, or a virtual assistant to take care of your admin. There are wonderful new tools and ways of doing things to help you outsource and automate these tasks without having to bring on a whole team.

Stress is not only hurting you, it’s hurting your family and your business. Make eliminating stress a priority, and you’ll discover just how much more effective you are at pushing your company closer to your goals.

At Change, our philosophy is “humans where you need them. Software for everything else.” We’ll give you a monthly update on the facts and show you what to do to improve your financial health. We give you step-by-step answers to your financial questions, and we provide you with that year-round visibility that’s so key to entrepreneurial success. Go on, book a meeting to talk to the team at Change about your business needs.

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