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Feeling Swamped by your business responsibilities? Save time with a local professional bookkeeper.

Posted by Edwina Fairley on Jul 20, 2017 8:03:38 AM
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Stress and anxiety hits entrepreneurs hard. The struggle is real.

According to Bank of America’s 2012 Small Business Owner Report, many small business owners explained that running their business was more than twice as stressful as maintaining a healthy relationship with their partner. The responsibilities of managing a business were significantly more stress-inducing than managing personal finances and raising children.

More stressful than raising children? Children are tiny, adorable, wild creatures in need of constant taming. I can’t imagine anything more stressful than that, but many entrepreneurs are living that reality every day, on top of raising a family.

Most entrepreneurs claim that the stress is worth it to live your dream. That’s all well and good, but if we could live our dreams while being chilled enough to also enjoy them, surely that’s a better solution?

Alongside all the best stress-busting ideas – such as eating right, getting daily exercise, and letting go of time-wasting tasks – one of the most important ways entrepreneurs can cure their overwhelm is to automate and outsource their most stressful tasks. This frees up the emotional and creative space to do what you do best.

Want your stress levels to instantly decrease? Hire a local professional bookkeeper.

Too many entrepreneurs and small business owners start off doing their own books, figuring it’s an easy way to save money during the frantic startup phase. The only problem is, as the business continues to grow and your responsibilities increase, doing the books yourself just becomes yet another task on the to-do pile … usually, the one you leave until the absolute last minute.

A local professional bookkeeper, like the team at Change, will be able to take this one, enormous task off your plate. We’ll get you sorted with cloud-based bookkeeping so you know exactly what’s happening in your business at any time. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Isn’t that the best news you’ve heard all month?

If the answer is YES, then you need this even more than you realise.

But I need to save money? Spending my precious funds on a bookkeeper will ADD to my stress.

Don’t be so sure.

Sure, a bookkeeper has fees, but those fees may be more than completely offset by the savings they’ll be able to generate by optimising your tax structure, getting your taxes done on time, and claiming all eligible expenses.

Think about your time in terms of value. How much value do you bring to your company when you spend ten hours toiling over the books? Wouldn’t your time be better spent improving your product or reducing customer churn?

Let your local professional bookkeeper take care of your books, and use your time to work on growing your business – that’s where you’ll see the biggest impact on your stress levels … and your bottom line.

As cloud bookkeepers, Change gives you the best of both worlds – our philosophy is “humans where you need them. Software for everything else.” We’ll give you a monthly update on the facts and show you want to do to improve your financial health. We give you step-by-step, plain english answers to your financial questions, and we give you that year-round visibility that’s so key to entrepreneurial success. Go on, come talk to the team at Change today.

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