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7 ways businesses have benefitted from employing our professional bookkeepers

Posted by Edwina Fairley on Oct 12, 2017 9:56:16 AM
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Just the other week I was speaking with a new client, who was gushing with relief over being able to hand over her books to us. She’d been doing her own books for so long, she thought the stress and worry about the numbers was totally normal. Now, she’s more relaxed and enjoying her business without the financial stress hanging over her head.

There are so many benefits to hiring professional bookkeepers in a small business. Here are seven our clients experience:

1. More time

For small business owners, doing the books can take up a huge amount of time, especially if you neglect the books for several months. Your time is precious, and is worth the most to your company – because that’s time you could be spending working on the business (or just enjoying your family or hobbies).

Hiring professional bookkeepers will give you your time back for what really matters.

2. Better focus from the team

Perhaps you aren’t the person doing the books in your company. Instead, you’ve given the job to a staff member, who learns everything they needed to know from Google and muddles along as best they can.

Is that really the best use of their time?

With professional bookkeepers taking care of things, your staff can focus on the tasks you actually hired them for.

3. Save money

It may seem counter-intuitive to think that hiring professional bookkeepers will save you money, since the reason you started doing it yourself was probably to keep costs low.

But we find so many errors and help you make so many savings when it comes to tax time that you’ll more than make up for our fee.

4. Ability to scale

Right now, while you’re doing your own bookkeeping, scaling is a huge issue.

Any growth you undertake piles more arduous work on your plate, and you might not understand all the tax implications of your expansion. Having professional bookkeepers enable you to scale quickly without worrying that you’re getting everything wrong.

5. Experts on your side.

As professional bookkeepers, we don’t just sort out your books, we provide you with a monthly report that highlights what’s going on in your business. We’re able to spot problems early and offer suggestions to help you get back on track.

6. Privacy

One important aspect about outsourcing bookkeeping that many business owners don’t consider is that of privacy. Having someone in your company do the books means allowing them access to information on employee financial information and payroll. This information can be extremely sensitive, valuable, and complex, and many companies prefer that it isn’t placed in the hands of internal staff.

At Change, we employ state-of-the-art web security and encryption to ensure your sensitive financial information is always safe.

7. Less stress

Like our client above, doing the books yourself when you’re not 100% certain you’ve got things right can be pretty stressful. Being in business is stressful enough – let the professional bookkeepers do what they do best, and you can go get a massage or have some ice cream, instead.

Mmmm, ice cream.

Do any of these benefits speak to you? Come talk book a meeting to talk to the team at Change about your business needs.

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